Ratio iX3M2 Dive Computer

Ratio iX3M2 Dive Computer – First Run in Little Bear Lake

Kelly took the new Ratio iX3M2 dive computer at Little Bear Lake, SK. It was a typical day in July with calm water.

This is a computer that has more functions than is normally needed. The nice part is that you can upgrade as you progress your diving adventures. The upgrades are as simple as purchasing the update. For example, moving from air/enriched air no-stop diving to  Technical decompression diving.

All Ration computers use a rechargeable battery that functions well in our colder water and limited visibility. The screen is large and extremely easy to read. Another benefit for us cold water divers is the function buttons. These buttons are a good size and are easy to use with our 3mm to 5mm gloves. Don’t worry; dry glove users easily engage the buttons.

The iX3M2 attaches to your wrist with either bungees or elastic straps and quick buckles. An Eezycut tool easily attaches to the elastic straps. No more looking for your cutting device.


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  1. Wow really happy with the new computor, so very eazy to read, so much better that mono color,, i dont even need to focus to get the info that i want,, super happy

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