Basic Scuba Diving Accessories

Basic Scuba Diving Accessories.

Basic Scuba Diving Accessories for a Safe and enjoyable dive. Let’s look at a couple of accessories that we use and provide. When we first get into diving, we tend to look at the heavy hitters of dive equipment—regulator set, Dive Computer, BCD, Wet/Drysuit, etc. We often forget about some of the little things that can save the dive and make a unanticipated event a slight inconvenience instead of an ordeal. This article is by no means a definitive list of basic scuba diving accessories. However, it will get you started.

Save-A-Dive Kit

Let’s start with a Save-A-Dive kit as a basic scuba diving accessory. The kit can be as intricate or as simple as you need. They can be as intricate such as when diving near home and space is not an option such as a tackle box/pelican case or as simple as a plastic sealed container when you are travelling. Some of the items would include two small crescent wrenches, a dental pick, spare tank o’rings (where the regulator seals to the tank valve), silicone grease, a mouthpiece, and zip tie. As you progress, other items will be added based on your diving, such as fin and mask straps.

Dive Knife and Cutting Tools

The next basic scuba diving accessory is the dive knife and cutting tools. The knife does not need to be large, nor does it need to have a pointed tip. A dive knife is a tool for cutting and prying not a weapon. That is where the blunt tip style shines. Knives can be mounted on your BCD or console hose so that it is never forgotten. A good example is the Gear Aid Tanu Dive and Rescue Knife. There are also improvements on the dive knife and dive scissors, such as the OMS SK1/SK2 Scissor Knife.  Another helpful tool, especially if travelling, is the EEZZYCUT Trilobite cutting tool. I have my Trilobite mounted on my wrist dive computer straps making it easy to access and it always there.

Surface Marker Buoy and Divers Surface Marker Buoy

The last basic scuba diving accessory I a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) or a Divers Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB). This is essential when diving in an ocean. It also never hurts to have one in our lakes. The SMB is typically used on the surface to gain the attention of others, i.e., dive boats, once the diver reaches the surface. The SMB is usually a lighter material but can also be used as DSMB. The DSMB is typically more robust, longer and may not have an open end. Divers will deploy their DSMB from below the surface to make their dive boat aware of their location, i.e., when blown off the line or drift diving. Some SMBs/DSMBs can also hold a written note or a cyalume glow stick. Both the SMD and DSMB come in various colors, lengths, and features.

Other Accessories – Food for Thought.

Mask and Fin Straps – Mask and fin Buckles – Mask Defog – Spare Regulator Port Plugs – High Pressure Hose – High Pressure Gauge Swivel Spool –

Lastly, having a spare mask in your gear bag never hurts. Whether you forget a mask or lose it on a dive having a spare will save the dive.

This list can be endless and is dependent on what your dive objectives are. Whether you a just starting out with your scuba diving adventures or an experienced diver changing your scuba experience there are always some accessories that will be needed.

Some accessories are safe diving, and some are dive saving related. No matter the accessory, get in touch with us at Ed’s Scuba and we can help.

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